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~Welcome to the "Koleksi Maut" Site~

Maya Karin
Siti Nurhaliza
Paula Malai Ali
Pendekar Laut
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
Citer Teladan
Citer Kelakor
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Thank you for dropping by to this site. This is the new version of my web site... It still may be a lousy site. However, this is just a hobby of mine. I like to collect several things and I would like to share it. I may not update this site as frequent as possible, but I'll try my best not to annoy or bore you. Leave something in the guess book ok.. tarus!

Please la.. take a look around. Gimme your comments. Orait! Nanti aku buat web site power gila tahap menyembelih dewa punya.

These are all the sites that I made.. in the process. You are most welcome to the ring.

Hollywood Celebrities Pix Collection
Weird Pix Collection
Funny Pix Collection
Groovy Pix Collection
Muslim Pix Collection

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